giveaway WINNER, a SALE and a HINT

i just LOVE to do giveaways... they are just so much fun! i thought you all would just 'share' the photo, but you did so much more. by far, one of the more humbling things i've done. i know, it's weird to say that, but it's true. for as long as i can remember, i've always had a hard time just saying ''thank you'' when someone compliments me or my work. i've learned over the past couple of years, and through the gentle reminders of my amazing husband, why it was that it was hard for me. it's as though i didn't think it was worthy of the thanks. if someone would compliment me on my dress, i would say, "oh this? i got this at Goodwill." it's as if i thought: ~if they knew the truth about the clothes...or ~how quickly i made that bag... or ~how badly i needed my hair cut...they wouldn't have complimented me in the first place. it's SO FLIPPIN hard to JUST SAY THANKS! 
nasty trap. 

HOWEVER- i AM so thankful that God doesn't leave us the way we are, and he uses amazing people and events to challenge and change us... SO... for all those dear and humbling comments that were made about me and that it's not that big of a deal to make apron yesterday...

~from the bottom of a very grateful heart!

OK! so onto the WINNER!!!........................
 - here's where the honesty comes out... i actually had to pick twice! my dear friend Laurie Young, shared my page yesterday and made the comment that she shouldn't be eligible to win (since she's my leading lady for Craft Liberation.) but i said YES SHE IS.. cause she shared it, and that was the way to enter. SO... my 12 year old daughter has become the official ''picker'' and i told her that if she picked Laurie, that we would have to pick another name so people didn't think i just picked her 'cause she's my homegirl. ellie and i got all the names written on the we wrote them all out on small white papers and it looked silly appropriate colored paper and threw them in the 'special jar.' ellie shook, she picked and she read the name.....

bwhaa haaaa! we were cracking UP!

so laurie, i made TWO aprons... one for you and one for our next winner (just in case anyone would have had a hissy, or doubt my honesty. hee. and that woman is....

WHO, by the way, i had the pleasure of meeting behind the kiosk of one of our sponsors for Craft Liberation, while i was down at City Market last week!!! how cool is THAT!
*go ahead and take a sneak peek at GET LATHERED Soap Company! my whole bathroom smells amazing from this to-die-for 'lemondimey' soap i picked up while i was there!


i had SO much fun with that whole apron-thingy, that i decided i'd make another to sell... then i made another. here's what the two look like that will be for sale today over on the lemondime's facebook page- so if you likey, you should get over there this afternoon and check it out! 

AND.... about that HINT as to what our newest sponsor is for 'Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway' will be.... it's somewhere in this post- that's all you get! hee.

  thanks again wonderful and amazing friends... 


Debbie said...

I LOVE the 2nd apron with my favorite colors in the tie part. LOVE it!

Laurie and company said...

it's like you've been doing this (blogging, give aways, selling your amazing goodies) for years and years! You're a pro :)

this post is too flippin' funny for words.
so fun to watch this unfold <3

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