Giveaway WINNERS!

WOW! facebook fans of 'the lemondime' are just too kind!!! i have to tell you that one of my favorite things about sewing, is getting to give away my handmade goods. whether it is a gift for someone, a surprise or a fun giveaway- it really is so much fun for me! i love to hear peoples' reactions when they win! this time around, i wanted to make two things to give and i am about to announce the winners

THANK YOU ALL for entering my contest, and sharing my page with your friends. your words are touching.... that you would even think that i am ''one of the most talented people you know''.... that just floors me. 

i. am. humbled. my talent comes from Him, and it's only by His grace and love that i can even share it with all of you. for years, i have been so scared of stepping out to do any of this. can anyone relate to being a perfectionist? that's why it took me so long to do it. it is a difficult thing to overcome, and i have to constantly remind myself of how to pull away from that trait. it's a daily struggle. you get that, right?

ok- so back to YOU! i had 20 people share these pictures:
SWEET Apron (i need a cupcake!)
FALL MUG RUG (glorified coaster, really ;)

so, what i did this time is asked my beautiful daughter, ellie, to help me make a list of all the entries. she is going to be helping tend to the amazing women at the very first CRAFT LIBERATION -a weekend getaway! this is her.... she ROCKS!

she made a list for me of all the women who entered the contest. here's the list

then we used random number generator dot com to pick TWO winners! she hit enter and this number came up.

number 11!

EEEK! that's my bestie, Traci! 
congrats girl...you FINALLY won!
and... WINNER #2
number 15!

CONGRATS AMY! wow... a 'lemondime' goody will be living up in Wisconsin! how cool is that?
(maybe i should make a goal of having 
something i've made in every state.. hee hee)

YAY! congrats to both winners! since Traci was picked first, she will have the first pick of prizes. Amy, you will get the other prize, so make sure to send me your address!
THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING! thank you for supporting my venture! and as you leave: here's a rice bag for sore muscles and wine bags
(not what i call my kids sometimes, the other kind of wine ;)
a friend of mine ordered these from me for a friends' birthday gift.
(nice, blurry cell phone pic huh?)



keri chandler said...

Well done Kell and way to go winners! P.S. And a big hug and kiss for your silly assistant! Love you Ellie Gator!

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