Craft Liberation

i'm so happy you are here! 

(i have a little something cooking up that i can't wait to share with ready?)

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to see what all the fuss is about! 
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a craft...... weekend...... getaway!!! 

(be still my heart)

it sounds SO, SO, SO interesting and fun, doesn't it?

i don't know about you, but i need some "me" time once and a while, and it's hard to come by. many nights i have lay awake trying to conjure up a way to get a break from my crazy life. also, for about a year, i prayed that i could find something i was really passionate about. i knew it would involve other women and crafting, i just didn't know how. about three years ago, in the wee hours of the morning, as i was perusing blogland, a little tiny seed was planted. since then, the seed has sprouted, began to grow and is bursting open with fruit, and i am SO excited! this will be my 8th Craft Liberation! we all need time away, time to decompress, time to laugh and love and be with other women. God has blessed me with the gift of creativity and craftsmanship. it wasn't until i truly embraced these gifts that i found freedom beyond words. i want to share what i've learned with you! you will not only feel pampered and refreshed, but you may just return home with a new found passion. you will make some seriously great crafts (i'm not your average, country-duck-kind-of-crafter) and you may even meet your new best friend. you will arrive on friday and leave on sunday. what happens in between will be amazingly beautiful.

who can come?
-a woman who loves to craft 
-a woman who needs to release her inner crafty 
-a woman who would like to learn to craft
 -a woman who has never heard of crafts
-a woman who needs some time away to unwind
-a woman who misses having slumber parties
-a woman who wants a chance to sleep in
-any woman

what is it?
a 3 day, 2 night, all inclusive getaway to a grand, beautiful secluded cabin.  
you will LOVE this place!
(i'll give you a hint..... hot tub)
i will be teaching you, with the assistance of my daughter, all 
you need to know to complete all sorts of crafts.

what will we do?
craft, eat, learn, meet new women, antique shop,
laugh, craft, sleep, drink coffee, lounge, craft... 

when is it? 
dates listed below

what is the cost?

what is included?
beautiful and cozy lodging
delicious meals, snacks, drinks...of course, lots of coffee ;)
all the craft supplies and materials you need (and some you never knew you needed ;)
a trip into Nashville for shopping
and this:
we have LOTS of sponsors who can't wait to pamper you with all kinds of gifts! 
(i LOVE that part!) 

how do i get a ticket to Craft Liberation?
 since launching my Facebook page over 3 years ago, and introducing this idea to many women, i have gotten an overwhelming response from women all over the United States who want to come to Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway. many have already attended from many states! truly, i am in disbelief! i believe that this is just the beginning and we will be hosting many more craft weekends next year! because of the response, and the number of spots being VERY limited, i have to be able to make it fair to everyone who wants to attend, so this is how the spots will be sold:
  1. email me through the 'mail' icon on the home page of my blog. it's right under my can just click HERE... tell me that you would like to reserve a spot for Craft Liberation. because this is a first come, first served situation, please do not wait to email me with your decision, as i will be confirming our stay in a few weeks! (if your computer is not set up to link to email, please just email me at:
  2. i will confirm your email with a reply and further instructions, including how to make your payment. a minimum of a $100 deposit will need to be received within 10 days of your confirmation email to guarantee your spot. you may make a full or partial payment at that time, but only $100 deposit will be required. *i am confirming our reservations shortly and will need all guests names and deposits/payments at that time. any remaining balance is to be received no later than 45 days prior to your event. (that's plenty of time to save up for this uh-maze-ing weekend!)
easy as pie right?
if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me! tell your friends and family- wouldn't it be great to spend the weekend with someone you are already close to? eeek! i cannot WAIT to see who God will bring together for the very first 'CRAFT LIBERATION -a weekend getaway!'

May 20-22 (SOLD OUT)
July 22-24 (SOLD OUT)
September 2-4 (3 SPOTS LEFT)

***BACK UPS BEING TAKEN FOR SOLD OUT WEEKENDS- there are often times cancellations!***

$100 to reserve your spot! contact me at: 
to let me know you'd like to be put on the list!

if you own a business and would like to be considered as a sponsor for a future Craft Liberation, please email me at above address- i love to promote small businesses!



{Happy Homes} said...

So excited for your new adventure! I hope I can make the weekend...need to do some checkin' :)

Teresa said...

This is over my birthday. Do you have any spots left?

Laurie and company said...

doesn't even seem real!! Can't wait to see where this adventure takes you, takes US!!
blessed to call you my creative friend <3

Justice6 said...

Hey Teresa, This is my birthday gift as well lol! August 15th is my 30th, and this was the perfect gift my husband gave me:) I can't wait!!

Jonee @Rustic Wagon said...

I just love love love these weekends.....oh so worth the small investment for our souls! You are so blessed and you bless others through your amazing talents. Would love to come to each one but don't want to hog all the spots.!!!! Love you Lemondime!!!

Justice6 said...

This was such an amazing weekend. I met sisters I never knew I had, while doing what I love. I would love to join in on another Craft Liberation, but like Jonee said, I want to give other Women the chance to experience this weekend. Please put me on the list if someone cancels close to the date, and I will gladly fill a spot if needed.

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