one month left

Oh my..... 

can it possibly be that this whole Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway thing is almost here? it seems like so long ago that i was sitting right here at my computer in the middle of the night, and ran across this blog post.... and i was so inspired, i KNEW it was going to come to pass for me. 

i have to say that the response has truly been nothing but miraculous... for someone to catch a glimpse of my vision has been inspiring in and of itself. the more i plan for this weekend, the more i realize i couldn't do any of this without the leading of my Father God. He keeps throwing these turns at me, and i'm all about letting him take control, as i've learned so much in my lifetime, that apart from Him, i can do nothing- i want the best not only for me, but for every women to cross the threshold of CL. i am expecting Him to inspire, renew and bless each one.... and to be used by Him is the icing on my yellow and mint ombre cake.

it's been awhile since i've posted here... sometimes i rely too much on facebook and instagram to tell a story- but it's here i can share my heart, and open myself up to you... my friends. i struggle with that perfectionism, grrr.... even here, still. wanting to have only the most beautiful of pictures, and posts... but i know that defeats the purpose here. 

i have decided that not only am i going to post all things creative and craftastic here, but i am also going to be posting much about my life and family as well. it's difficult enough to post here, let alone on my personal blog, bandanna day, so i'm moving on over to this beautiful space for all things me. ;)
SO... here's a snippet of what's been going on in my life lately, in no particular order.
 (cause that would make my head hurt) :

we had the wonderful pleasure of having my parents at our home this Christmas! (yes... it's been that long.) this is what happens when we get crazy...

i took these pictures while cutting Ezra's hair. he's 7, and i'm pretty sure there will come a point that he won't want me to cut his hair anymore.... that will be sad. so for now, i'm capturing these moments.

sometimes i can't even believe she's mine. never a dull moment. sometimes she's as cute as bunting... and sometimes... she's into EVERYTHING! she somehow finds glitter. easily. (i can't even find it when i need it!)

we dabbled in juicing for awhile... we need to get back to it. amazing things happened when i told the kids how healthy this stuff was... they asked for them constantly.

the kids were totally into entering lego contests online. i had a fun time taking these pics, but they never won.

we've taken a few trips to the Indianapolis Children's Museum this winter. yes, we're ''those'' parents who let their kids roll down the 'hill' to the dinosaur exhibit. here are two of my other fave pics from those trips... a glass sculpture, and a selfie.

i had the pleasure of creating a baby blanket for someone's upcoming bundle of joy... i love how this turned out. 

this little art/science experiment was fun. except for the fact, i wanted the pan all to myself. that didn't happen.


Amara was SO mad that i wouldn't let her do this with the kids.... she stomped off to her bed and did this: big whiner!
we got ANOTHER chance to see my parents... they were staying with my sister's kids near st. louis while my sister and brother-in-law were in trinidad. the kids had SO much fun with their cousins... my sisters six kids and my five... what a bunch. these are a few highlights from the trip:

lots of games- blokus and backgammon
my amazing daddy

my beautiful mother.... always in the kitchen making amazing food for our families.

best cousins! Amara looks SO much like Ezra here!

one of the cutest things that the girls all do when they get together is have a SPA. they make up a 'menu' and set it all up, invite everyone to get pampered, and they even make some money, and sometimes if their lucky, some candy as payment. this particular time, they convinced Cullen to get his hair straightened and he was NOT happy when i showed up with my camera.

but look how cute it turned out! looks like i needed my roots touched up at the spa that day! yeesh!

we actually all got really sick while we were there... it's surprising i even got some good pics. in the middle of all the blowing my nose and sneezing, i was able to do Kaylie's hair and make up for her formal dance. i was so sick that as SOON as i finished it i went straight up to bed... i didn't even get to see her leave OR get a picture of the final look. i'm so lame. here's before mascara and mid-way through hair. 
we celebrated Valentine's Day a day late. my kids spent hours putting these little ninja and rockstar people/bags together. one for everyone- they were adorable. 

the trip, despite all the sickness, and the fact the living room looked like a triage unit all week, was wonderful. it was great to be with my mom and dad, and to be a part of the memories built.
here are two more pics from that trip that i love... they have a beautiful place. reminds me of Grandpa's Farm.  

and....here she is again...

i designed and sew this bag for a friend a few weeks back. it's currently in puerto rico as i type. that's pretty cool to me.


this beauty turned 13 on wednesday. i am beyond joyful that she is not who i was at her age, and that she has a true heart for God. why we got so blessed, i will never understand. so humbled by her.

i thought it would be fun the other day, to do a makeover on half my face. although i freaked my kids out a bit, it was cool to see the difference. 
here's TRUE ME... bearing it all:
and here's made-up me:

eh ehmmm...




THANK YOU ALL for bearing with me on this journey. 
it's been


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