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I am so honored that so many amazing people, artists, etsy shop owners and companies found Craft Liberation worthy of being a part of. Each of them sent amazing gifts for each of the women that attended. Please head to their shops and facebook pages and let them know what you think of their stuff.... and of course, SHOP! they were so fun to work with! THANK YOU SPONSORS!

here we go... 

i was overjoyed when Cuppow agreed to send each women a lid! i have loved their products for a long time, and always get asked about where to get them. an adult sippy lid for a mason jar! drinking out of a jar is way healthier than plastic, and much more nostalgic and cool... i think ;)
get over to Cuppow's website and get a few for yourself and your family! perfect for the car, gifts, picnics.... any time! 

i, the lemondime, gave each woman a jar, and made them jar sleeves... they were all different and the ribbon reminded me of fruit stripe gum! so fun!

the Paisley Moon was such a perfect choice for this event! they sent the girls the ADORABLE earrings! each pair was unique and colorful....and the packaging...oh- these girls know what they're doing! they specialize in beautiful vintage inspired bridesmaid fabric flower bouquets, sashes, jewelry and much more. go take a peek at their Etsy shop!

so i was in this great new coffee/ice cream shop several months back and immediately noticed the AMAZING (i know i use that word a lot) art on the wall. the whole wall was covered in these bright and cheery collage paintings by Rustic Wagon [isn't that the greatest name!] now, to be honest, usually when i see art my my first thought is, nah... i don't need that- i could just make it myself.... but THESE pieces were WORTHY of the half an hour of my time reading each piece, looking closely at the intricacy of the work. i was IN LOVE!!! come to find out, i not only have met the artist, but she was 2 of my children's art teacher when they were young! how fun is THAT! it just so happens, i ran into her one day in that same coffee shop, introduced myself again- she remembered me and the kids, and through talking about my craft weekend adventure, she found it in her generous heart to donate limited, signed prints of one her pieces to all the girls! this print is ADORABLE! and is so meaningful. now, Jonee, the artist is going to be attending the August Craft Liberation!!!!! SO excited to have her with us- just love her. 

Something Monumental.... what can i say? mandy is an incredibly talented girl; jewelry designer, photographer, creator of beautiful things. i especially love the little polaroid charms she makes.
{super cute stuff!} find her on etsy, facebook, and her blog. she sent each of the girls these sweet leather braided bracelets. they are perfect alone as a simple compliment to any outfit, or you can even hook a charm on them- like one of HERS! go see!

Stampin Up's awesome consultant, Tonya Dieterlen, sent these absolutely special and beautiful packages for each of the women. the thought and time she put into each one was so meaningful. she must have spent hours stamping, punching, pounding, tying, packaging.... truly time consuming work- aren't these keychains off the chain?! wait. um.... scratch that. she also sent coupons, invites to her scrap nights, [she has tons of events at her home!!!] PLUS 3 amazing gift bag packed full of goodies to giveaway! what a sweetie! check out all this stuff that helps our creativity blossom!

Love Maude sent the girls these GORGEOUS hand embroidered broaches... i mean...this is such a lost art. i just LOVE them- all unique and fabulous! you HAVE to go visit her etsy shop and see all her handmade lovelies. [the teeny pouch necklace; eek!]

when i contacted Cu-te Ta-pe about being a sponsor, i was a bit unsure i'd even hear back. i mean, like, they're pretty huge in the world of Washi Tape! so when i got a YES, i about peed my pants! they not only send some tape for us to use on our coasters, but they sent each women a little glassine paper package, stuffed with washi tape, bakers twine [i could wrap car in that stuff, i love it so], and mini colorful tags. i think there was a whole lotta fallin'-in-love-over-washi that weekend! go get some for yourself and use it on everything you can- it just makes life so much... well... CUTER! 

the sisters of PICKFAIR, not only came up with a great name for their business, but they also make awesome stuff. they sent the girls bags of fun goods: chevron paper bags, paper straws, french fry bags, tags and a 50% off coupon on anything in their shop! how sweet! they make truly one of a kind pillow covers and baby blankets, with class and style. speaking of pillow covers, they sent one to giveaway to one lucky girl! sisters rock!

when i found Get Lathered, i couldn't help but fall in love with their cute soaps, shampoo and conditioning bars and lip balms! such fun colors, scents...and Rhonda of Get Lathered was more than happy to send us soap and lip balm in thee perfect scents for 'the lemondime'... like 'Sugared Lemons' and 'Mojito!' the packages were adorbs too! 
bonus: Anne, who works for Get Lathered heard about the craft weekend and decided to attend with her best friend, Andrea. it was so fun to have them both- and to know that it was through contacting Get Lathered, that i gained two beautiful new friends- wow!

ok... this next sponsor, Lettered Life, has serious talent! her specialty is 'hand lettering' and she is unbelievably good. when i came across her Etsy Shop, i couldn't wait to ask her to be a part of our weekend. she send prints of a beautiful Scripture verse for each of the girls. she speciallizes in hand lettering wedding invitations... hours and hours of work goes into each order, and it shows. such beauty. PLEASE go over to her shop- she has GORGEOUS prints... bright and beautiful things. go like her FB page while you're at it... Caitlin is such a sweetie...and seriously, who writes like this! 

ok.... so this next one's a biggy. i have been following the blog of Melissa Averinos for years! her blog is Yummy Goods, and she's not only a fabric designer, she's also an author, painter, jewelery maker and all around cool chick. i mean, not many girls can pull off short cotton candy pink hair like Melissa. not only did she LOADS of her amazing fabric but she sent a sweet little painting for a giveaway, little notebooks she designed, and a vintage button necklace just for me.... she's just a DOLL! her new book was just released... DIY Mason Jars... it's ADORBS!

here's Melissa's new book.... isn't this just the bees knees?

i had some gals send some gifts for giveaways too.... and they were SO fun to give! Sherrie, of Ruthie's Tiara sent this queenly mug filled with goodies. i know it may be hard to see, but the personalized bracelet inside is her specialty. she works closely with her sister of Swanky Artisans who sent the vase made with, get this.... vintage pattern flowers! WOW- they were so cool! you can even find these girls and their goods down in Franklin, Indiana at the well known Vintage Whimsy.


please go and support these amazing artists, 
who were kind enough to send their goods!

***IF YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW would like to be considered for a sponsor spot for the August Craft Liberation
please email me at: thelemondime@yahoo.com

{i love to spread the word about our local talent}

if you would like to reserve a spot at a future 
Craft Liberation, -a weekend getaway,
click here for more details!

see you soon with more fun!


the Paisley Moon said...

Thank you for posting! Looks like such a fun weekend!

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