PART ONE: Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway #2

thankful for the guys at the 'mac experience' for fixing up my computer.... kind of. we had to take it back AGAIN, and the ''corrupted file'' we paid to have taken off actually wasn't off. nice. at least i can edit these photos for this post, even though photoshop as well as all the apps i've paid for could not be recovered, even though i paid for them to be. ugh. i thought macs were supposed to be 'da bomb' of computers..... apparently they can self destruct due to corrupted files. i feel sort of outta touch here on the blog... hope this post gets me back into the swing of blogging! there really is SO much to share!

ok. i'm about to throw down some sweet pics from Craft Liberation #2 (aka, the craft weekend i never thought would happen. i mean, the first one was amazeballs.... didn't really think the Lord would let me do it again!)

this time was different. a different cabin, professional cooks, (oh m'word) new people of whom i knew few.... it felt, well, more professional, more structured... and just plain awesome! the first was awesome too- just a different kind... more of a close bonding friendship, as opposed to a new blossoming one. i hope you get that. i was so blessed.

since these pictures were taken, i've already booked two more craft weekends, and both are full. (are you flippin' kidding me? whoa.)

*i wish i could share the personal stories of what has happened with some of these women [and myself] since craft liberation. i will tell you this. when God spoke to my heart and told me to do this, it was never just about crafting. it was and is much deeper. lives are being changed... families. crafts are just a tool. i am COMPLETELY humbled by what is going on because i said YES to God. un. real.

hope these photos speak for themselves:

SWAG: so. much. swag. our sponsors just ROCK!
(and look at my amazing daughter/helper extraordinaire)  

EEK! that is THEE Patty, of THEE Swanky Artisans... one of THEE cooks for the weekend! LOVE HER. LOVE HER FOOD!

here's Patty with her sister Sherrie- the OTHER Swanky Artisan! you HAVE to check out their work- they up-cycle vintage treasures... so. much. cuteness! and they did such an amazing job on the food!

this time, i decided to set up a li'l 'lemondime' shop! it was a great success and a nice added touch to the bright and cheery decor! (we hid a LOT of ducks and bears when we set this up!)


the GIVEAWAY TABLE!!! EEEK! so many amazing sponsors!


ellie and i were ready for our guests!
{thank you Jonee from Rustic Wagon for getting a photo of us together}

the girls of Craft Liberation #2!!!
time to get down to business.... intros, eating and 

{ wah. no pics of our dinner! 
we were all so hungry we forgot to take pictures. 
it was AMAZING! french theme... 
beef tips....wine. you get the picture. ahh. }

by this time night has fallen and it gets a little crazy when we sew... i guess you could say it's become tradition that everyone grabs a fabric scrap and throws it up in their hair so they can either be like me, or mock me... i'm not quite sure! LOL! 
either way- it's ADORABLE! 
i can thank the super awesome becky cuniff, who attended the first Craft Lib and is a sister to my beautiful friend laurie young who ROCKED Craft Lib #1 with me... she started the head scarf thing.. and she'll go down in history for it! thanks becky!

look at these ladies! roni in the middle of her aunt and momma. sweet, sweet memories.

and then you have anne, and her momma!!! this is anne's second time at craft lib! they are from Egypt originally... and her mom brought authentic, homemade BAKLAVA!!! it was Unbelievable.
late night DESSERT BAR! EEK! chocolate silk pie, 
sugar-free pineapple dessert, creme brulee, 
and that BAKLAVA!
 i hope patty was teaching ellie how to 
make that creme brulee!
(soak it all in ellie girl!) 

 OK! that's all for this post... stay tuned for DAY TWO! breakfast, shopping, and LOTS more crafting!

if you are interested in getting on the list for a future Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway, please email me at: thelemondime@yahoo.com


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