mom-guilt... i struggle.

if you are anything like me, you in constant wonder if you are doing, saying, being, teaching, encouraging, training {the list goes on} your children the best that you can... so that when they leave home, they'll already BE a successful person. not in the worlds way of describing success, but what the Lord wants for them... that ''abundant life'' that comes along with the beautiful free gift of salvation... living abundantly in love, joy, grace, selflessness, peace... that's all just so important to Him... and to us.

today i was struggling. i had guilt that i wasn't out playing football with the kids and joel, since it's a rarity that BOTH us parents ''play'' with them at the same time. so instead of working on orders, i put it all down to get out and enjoy a bit of time with all of them. it was incredibly fun... but then, guilt. ''it's 2pm and i still haven't fed them lunch. they have GOT to be sick of sandwiches. if i go in to make them lunch, then that means i 'quit' on them again.".... {the list goes on}

i did leave them to make lunch, but then, guilt. ''are they disappointed? man, the table is STILL full of craft supplies and i told them we'd eat at the table more often. i FINALLY planned healthy meals for the whole week, and this kitchen is so messy, i can't even start preparing for supper.'' ...{and the list goes on}

i know i can't be the ONLY one whose mind wanders this way. mom-guilt... a destroyer of joy. i know i have to stop this un-ending circle of chaos in my mind about my children, and when i fix my mind on the Lord, it's so much less of a battle. some days are better than others. today was a not so good one. 

but then, this:

[click this link.]

{momma, please don't leave this page until you click that link and watch. what our children really think about us? wonderful, beautiful, sweet {the list goes on} and kind things...  

remember with me, that we are our own worst critics. our children love and adore us. and so does the Lord. 



padorad.com said...

i definitely struggle with this kind of guilt like crazy. i cried when i watched the video. thanks for sharing! :) so beautiful!

kellie: thelemondime said...

big hugs coming at you @padorad!

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