PART TWO: Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway #2

day two of our weekend consists of breakfast, shopping in downtown nashville, back to the cabin for show and tell, finger foods, and a FULL night of crafting...not to mention mexican food and margaritas for dinner! this is the time i really love...the girls are finally starting to get to know each other and things are a bit more relaxed and open. see the new friends hanging in the back of the picture below! Jennifer and Patty chattin' it up on the couch :) makes me happy to see this- to think back to the friendships that were created that weekend.

this is what we woke up to
 ~made by our amazing cooks: Patty and Sherrie 
Lina and Jenn: roomies and new friends!

look at this cutie! Veronica's ready to shop!

getting ready to head into nashville, and here are all the girls sportin' their NEW LIBERATION BAGS! 
they all did SO AMAZING! 
i'm always so proud to see them walking around with those bags... for many of them, it's the first time they've sewn anything!
i LOVE their smiles.

these two sassy ladies cracked us up ALL weekend long!

we started out in my FAVORITE nashville shop: Madeline's! the girls there have been so good to us- even giving us 20% off all our purchases that day! if you are down in nashville, be sure to stop by- just look for the huge pale blue victorian home on the main drag!

 i can't believe what an avid tea drinker my ellie has become!

(you know how many time's i've contemplated finding out if that stove works and saving up for it?)  

SIGH. what a BEAUTY! 

this place was SO great... so much chippy paint and rust... i could have just stood on that porch ALL day.

then there was this guy...i thought it was so cool that a guy that young took to an art this 'non-traditional'... he was GOOD!

SO many great treasures to discover there... like this stage we found through a little opening between shops! ellie was enamored.

and if anyone remembers...i do have a slight obsession with old trucks. see?
and who doesn't just LOVE the look of ornamental cabbage?

 ''meet us under the yellow umbrellas"

 Jonee with her Papertrix loot :)

 these three bonded... big time <3

along with many more gifts, look at the ADORABLE earrings they bought for ellie from the fair-trade store! they were so good to her <3

 there was a slight miscommunication about our transportation back to the cabin, so while ellie and i waited for someone to come get us, she wanted to do a little photo shoot. this was RIGHT after i tried to sit down on a bench and missed completely, falling like a brick straight onto the concrete. (don't ask) minus the sore back-side, a huge bruise and a scrape, all was well.
shortly after we got back to the cabin, ellie was headed back home... since this is a 'women's getaway weekend' i think it's important that she be there as i train her to serve others, but equally important is honoring the women of Craft Liberation, allowing them time alone from children and the freedom to be 'real' in an adult-only setting. she really made an impact on many women there. we have a beautiful relationship, and from what i've heard from them, it was really inspiring. we all missed her  when she left. i even cried. it was weird.

because i was late getting back to the cabin, i missed getting a pic of the food! also- i had Veronica teach a quick, fabric rosette lesson to anyone interested, while they snacked and waited for me.  #leaderfail



Anne brought her own supplies! silly girl!

break for dinner and margs!
this is where we head out for a group shot. we had a LOT of practice at CL #1 trying to set the camera timer and get a shot of everyone, without said camera timer-er running back to the group in the picture. this was easier since we had Patty get the shot.

Roni being photo-bombed by her mom, Carolyn!

ATTN: ok- i'm going to be nice here, and post the picture that everyone looked their best in... EXCEPT for ME! LOL! there was one with a much more flattering picture of me, but then i'd have to be mean and post someone else's not-so-flattering picture. no, i DON'T have to go to the bathroom as much as it looks like i did. hee. so, there you go.... don't hate. :)
[now i'm kinda bummed Patty and Sherrie weren't in this picture!!! man.]

 Anne and her mother, Eva....Egyptian beauties.

round 2: Roni introduced me to a craft i had NEVER heard of... have you? it's MOD MELTS! it involved a glue gun, special glue sticks, and silicone molds... and it was SO fun! i had her teach the 'class' since i had no clue how to make them... she did great! 
Patty even got in on the action! she was over-the-moon excited about her SPOO-KEY! :) she was crackin' herself up!

one last meal before we all part ways.
your food was AMAZING!

 on Sunday morning, we view an incredibly powerful video by Ann Voskamp. if you aren't familiar with her, i highly recommend you get to know her through her blog, and her powerful book, One Thousand Gifts.

before our goodbyes, everyone was INCREDIBLY giving, helping me do some cleaning up, so i wouldn't be doing it alone. what a great group of ladies. i'm so grateful to get to know each and every one. 

and... the GRAND FINALE!
i cannot even TELL you how stinkin' proud of these girls i am! this is seriously fantastic!


Lina, Eva, Jennifer
Steph, Stephanie, Veronica

Jenn, Carolyn, Anneke
Roni, Janice, Jonee

ELLIE AND I THANK YOU GIRLS for an AMAZING weekend! can't wait til CRAFT LIBERATION #3 in February, 
and #4 in April! 
(all spots for these dates are filled, but there are more being planned! go here more info about our weekends.  i PROMISE, you will have a beautiful time!

if you are interested in being a Sponsor of a Craft Liberation, please email: thelemondime@yahoo.com



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