Craft Liberation #4: The REUNION!

so, if you remember last year, in the early months of spring, the idea of having a crafting weekend getaway came to life in the hills of brown county, indiana. it seems like so long ago, that i started planning my event, but in reality it wasn't. this year has been a whirlwind of excitement, hard work, dedication and really, fear. i can't tell you how fun it was to watch God work in and through the last four craft weekends! the women who came were exactly who was supposed to be there... there were NO coincidences. at the end of my very first Craft Lib, the girls decided to have a reunion the following year. all but three made it back, and it was beautiful thing. God filled those three open spots with new women... the perfect fit.

this girl. she holds a SUPER special place in my heart. i LOVE this picture of her.... and i'm SO thankful to God and to her for her role in helping me get Craft Liberation off the ground. She is going to focus on other things now, and is moving on from being a part of these weekends. although it will be different without her, i am super happy for her. she always tells people ''you're a force'' but it's HER that's a FORCE. a force for GOOD, for JOY and for LOVE. i will miss her there. isn't she beautiful? her soul is even more so.

my daughter, Ellie... she's such an amazing help to me- i don't think i could do this without her. <3

 there were a few special things waiting for the girls who had been to the very first Craft Lib.... like green ball jars filled with flowers, and 'difference maker' key chains to pass on...because they made a difference in my life. 

the name tags are always one of my favorite parts of the weekend....i think these were my favorite. 
i heart tiny paper flowers.

as always, generous Sponsors sent lots of fun SWAG for the girls!
(more on the sponsors soon!)

giveaway items were AWESOME!

of course, there is always something special waiting on their beds when they get there. this time, my right-now-favorite chocolate bar and a wire headband! i LOVE making them- so fun to wear too!

 when the girls started to arrive, it was like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a year! :) here's Laurie's sister, Becky! she is a RIOT. craft weekend is never the same without her... and if you know her, you'll know why ;)

i mean... see?


 Laurie, sorry for the star across the forehead, but i thought it just fit you perfectly... the 'star girl.' she's responsible for the starry-ness of the cabin. frankly, it's the perfect touch.

ok, so apparently i never got a picture with my sister (gah!) so i had to import a bright green one from my phone... but hey... at least i like green!
this is my sister Keri- she travels from St. Louis. she'll be attending her third craft lib in november :)

more arrivals!
Rebecca was new to the group. look at her! she's so precious. she put her headband on right away and it's PERFECT for her!
she's headed to Rwanda soon with Noonday! you can see more about all that here!

my sister's friend Stephanie. aka: Wonder Woman

a friend we've know since grade school! she traveled from Wisconsin! Christine!

ok. so you've come to know Patty, our cook! 
she rocks. in all ways. 
she was busy prepping dinner while we hung out. some roasted veggies for the pasta!
(ok, an apology needed here... i think this is the ONLY food picture i took! i have NO idea what came over me! i know. lame. sorry!)

i see Laura! her and Steph are the other two who were new to the group. Laura is HIL. AR. IOUS. 
talk about witty!

this is Melissa. look at her intently listening, armed with her camera. she's has a quiet spirit, and is a great balance to all the 'crazy' this group brings. lol! 

there's her sweet smile!

 after intros and dinner, we got right to sewing our bags! well, the new girls made the traditional 'liberation bag' and the returning girls got to make a fold-over clutch, complete with a zipper! the tutorial we used is HERE.... so go make ya-self one!
look at their concentration!

 here's Allison! 
she drove from Michigan!

 Anne gettin snarky ;)

 Keri follows suit!

 Rebecca was the first to flip her bag!

Andrea's clutch!
isn't it CUTE???

then there was coffee in the morning...
and Roni! she came late on friday and i don't have any pics of her :( it's a LOT to remember for me... sorry Roni! 

Traci relaxing with a sewing book after breakfast.

 Saturday morning we head to into Nashville for shopping, right after we take some pics of the girls with their new bags!


(my bestie!)

(Anne's bestie)

(she just moved to Georgia. we'll miss you girl!  :)

then there's THIS chick. 
she pretty much ROCKS. 
i love her.
a lot.
just call her drama. but in a good way. :)


 my beautiful sis, and recent
Air Force Retiree!!!....
yep. that's right!



RONI and BECKY didn't get in on those shots (their bags may have not yet been finished? i don't remember. ;)

 sorry girls... but this was too funny not to post!
does Laura have a big bug on her back or something? is Andrea mad at the photographer?
that's better!
happy girls. <3


Brenda Kay from Madeline's in Nashville is always so good to us. 
she's a doll! she and my sister met during craft lib #1 shopping, and now they share quite a bond.

here they are talking to a lady who came in the shop! what a team! they ended up encouraging her so much... hugs and tears followed.

checkin' in at home

i wont say anything here.
you all know me...
i'm doing this for all the animal lovers out there, ok!?
Roni? you too?

 gotta admit, the tiny homemade dog bones are cute. but that's all you're gettin' outta me! (i posted this pic for Zig!)

once back at the cabin, we eat, show off our buys, then it's straight back to crafting! 
or relaxing.... like Traci ;)

these girls were looking for the best scraps while they waited for the next craft to be set up

meanwhile, i sent Ellie out to find fresh moss 

ok.... here comes a FLOOD of pics. 
everyone LOVED this craft, led by Laurie!
the pics are all too great NOT to post... so if you're not into succulents and mini mushrooms, pass these up. ;)
here's Laurie's examples. EEEEK!

it was blue day, apparently. ;)


this was REALLY a lot of fun!

OOH! can't forget the little yellow birdie!
(and prepare yourself. there's more where these came from at the end of the post.)

 next up! 
here's Ellie, sorting the stencils

 yes, there were power tools involved!

even Ellie got in on the action!

Beck's making house numbers! 

meanwhile, outside... peeps just can't get over the cuteness!

 Anne is whittling sticks to make a cross!
this calls for a sweet b&w edit.... meaning the color on the photo was so messed up i couldn't fix it and ended up with this. 
a good fake fix :)

 Steph is super serious about her work. she studies and plans carefully. that's probably why her work was so nice and neat, and AMAZING!

now onto necklaces!
ruffles and pom poms!
(that's supposed to be pom poNs i know, but i think people these days don't know that. i mean- if you're older like me you would! these are the things that keep me up at night. lol)

i used to make these bowls YEARS ago as gifts... i saw them in Target recently. not as pretty of course... weird tho. ;)

and... one more sign for Christine.
that flower thingy? Laurie made that!
it's SO. COOL.

drum roll......... 
here's all the crafts!!!!
these girls are SO talented! it happens every time.... they always surprise themselves!

there's that ROSETTE! eek!

 it's time to say goodbye. 
this part is always hard. 
Craft Lib #4 girls...
you blessed me in more ways than i can count. 
thank you for being there for each other, and the new girls too....
what a great thing.


*there MAY be a spot open for the June 20-22, 2014 Craft Lib!* contact me right away if you are interested! there are NO other spots open for this year. if you are interested in getting on a waiting list for a future Craft Liberation, please email me at:
thelemondime at yahoo dot com

more info HERE


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