Craft Lib Sneak Peak, Winners & announcement!


first, i want to say a HUGMUNGO THANK YOU to everyone who commented, shared and liked my giveaway- you guys ROCK! it's amazing what can be accomplished by sharing a little love around social media! if you haven't noticed by now, i REALLY like doing giveaways- it's so fun to bless someone with a little bit of happy! i'll get to the winners shortly, but first a few FUN THINGS...

as many of you may know, i have a little bit of a break until my next Craft Liberation weekend getaway in Nov, so i've been having a blast with my family, AND having fun doing some projects that i've have to put on the back burner for awhile. i've been stepping out of my comfort zone, and just digging in and STARTING a few things i've put off for too long. 

here's what i'm talking about:

see this beauty? i had been looking for something like this to go under our tv for a long time, and just so happened my neighbor was selling hers last fall! it started out dark brown, then i primed it, not realizing that i was going to use chalk paint for it... it was a long process, but after having it sit with white primer on it, i took the plunge and whipped up some chalk paint, and went at it. i LOVE the finish!!!! distressing was time consuming, but well worth the outcome!

my inspiration was from a photo i had made into a huge canvas print. the photo was from one of my FAVORITE photographers, Andrew Alexander, of Off The Beaten Path Photography. it hangs above our piano.

i am in LOVE with this color! ellie thought we should stick with the original hardware- and i agree! if you have wanted to make your own chalk paint, DO IT! it was SUPER great to work with, and NO PREP (even tho i had already primed it ;) pick a BOLD color, one of your faves, and GO FOR IT! you won't regret it as long as it's a color you love. :)

also, i decided to surprise Joel for an early birthday gift, and re-model the bathroom! some of you may know, we rent an old, very small (under 1000 sq feet/7 people) home... that we LOVE! even though we just rent our home, i decided to spend the money and just do it anyway! we have LOATHED our bathroom for years! gah! the thought of anyone going in there was embarrassing. the pink toilet and sink just made the situation worse, by not being able to decorate it with anything even slightly eye appealing. so, with weeks of planning with my awesome friend, and tool-hoarder, Anne, we waited for my husband, Joel, to head out of town for a daddy daughter date with the neighbors, and we went for it! look at this deplorable BEFORE shot:

 14 hours later, with just minutes to spare, WE DID IT! ceiling, walls, toilet, vanity, mirror, light fixture, towel bar, rack, and all the accessories! (we were missing a part or two for the new plumbing, so our neighbor who was in on the surprise, is coming to finish connecting the new plumbing under the sink)... but we did it! AND JOEL WAS SHOCKED!!! i'm so happy i was FINALLY able to surprise him with something! SUPER thankful to my awesome friend, Anne, who is KILLER at this kind of thing... we work well together as a team and i'm so glad we go to do this together- i would have never been able to pull this off myself! WHOOO HOOO for breaking out of comfort zones! (not that anyone was comfortable in our green and mauve bathroom) 


i could seriously sleep in there now. it makes me so happy! wonder what it would feel like to have an updated kitchen. hmm.


here's a sneak peek from the last craft lib! it was UH. MAZE. ING!

we had a WONDERFUL time! what a beautiful group of women. i miss you girls of Craft Lib #5!!!

i JUST booked my first date of 2015! i have decided to only hold 4 craft weekends next year, so if you are interested in attending the winter one, Feb 20-22, sign up fast! i am only taking 10 people this time, and it's first come, first served! make sure to email me at: thelemondime at yahoo dot com, to reserve your spot! also, there is more info HERE

FINALLY! the WINNERS picked by random.org are:

the wire-headband
#142 Christina Turley

the scrappy bunting 
#56 Kim Bolte

the necklace
#60 Megan Trackwell Wendell

the BAG!
#35  Kellye Knaper Herbert 

***please email me your address at: thelemondime at yahoo dot com so i can ship out your goodies!!!



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